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Welcome to Readers Paradiso Blog. This is a journey into captivating articles,I hate to tell you this but I am legally obliged to warn you about the dangers of the addictive nature of this space. Nah am playing, but seriously though its going to worth your time. it is going to be very addictive and the best part is you can join in the conversation and help get it out of your system. Please dont forget to register here on my forum to join in the discussion. I hope you all have fun.

Writing our a weapon and reading, our strength. Are you a critique? Do you like book reviews? Are looking for a good laugh? Or have you just got a nose for hot gossip? Are you grumpy? Are you disgruntled by the state of affair of things in this great country of ours today? Have you written a script or are looking to write a script? Are an addicted blogger? Or just looking to get something off your chest? Are you looking to read more than just the day’s news? Do you need tips on starting your own writing project? Have you been told you would never earn enough on writing, to retire on? Are you at that endless possibility of maximizing your potentials in the writing profession?


Do you have a story to tell that you want the whole world to know about? Are you a writer and looking for that one non-fiction story that is so moving as to propel you onto the world stage? Are you looking to get paid work as a freelance writer? Are you looking for an online writing partner, do you have problems with getting the right official source for copyrighting your articles, projects, music, arts, websites, scripts, books etc this is your one stop shop for all of your literary advice .